Road to National Convention (Summer 2017)

Latest Step:

Convention is coming up! Important things to know about the bus transportation:

  • The buses are leaving on Monday, July 24th.
  • Be at the Walker School (Marietta) a little earlier than 6:30 AM on the 24th, when loading the bus will begin!
  • The buses will leave at 7:00 AM.

In the meantime, keep studying, practicing, and prepping! Also, make sure to check out the GJCL packing list (it's on the GJCL Nationals facebook group) and make sure you have everything you need with you when you leave for Troy.

General Convention Information:

  • This year's National Convention will take place in Alabama's Troy Universiy.
  • The convention runs from Monday, July 24th to Saturday, July 29th. (Our buses will leave on Monday July 24th!)
  • Registration for Nationals ends June 1st and can be completed through the NJCL website.