From here on out, the 1st VP will update this page with publicity ideas, along with other useful information as needed. The 2017 state convention FAX contains rules for the Publicity Contest on page 27. For more guidelines, see the NJCL publicity rules.

Also, please submit publicity ideas on through this form to help out your fellow JCLers in the future!

Please email me at for questions or more information!


Briti Nandi


As convention is rapidly approaching, please continue to publicize State Convention, along with Latin Club and the JCL.

Here are a few ideas for this month:

  1. For St. Patrick’s Day on 3/17, print out Roman coins and tape them onto real chocolate coins. Wear green togas and hand these out to publicize Latin club! Write about it and send in an article to your school newspaper. Keep the clipping and submit this in your binder!
  2. As Honor Society inductions are soon, keep a copy of the program from your Latin Honor Society Induction ceremony and include these in your binder.
  3. For International Earth Day on 3/20, have your Latin club clean up your local park, gardens, school courtyard etc. and publicize it with flyers and banners! Keep these to submit in your binder! Additionally, take pictures to submit those for Publicity, send it to the historian for the monthly Photo Contest, and put these pictures in your school scrapbook.